Dec 17, 2022
Send Out Cards – Learn How to Succeed in Send Out Cards

So, you’re wondering if there is a Send Out Cards scam. Send Out Cards has been in business since 2004, therefore it is not a scam, scams don’t stick around for five years. This should go without saying that there is no Send Out Cards pyramid scheme! Are there going to be many people who will say Send Out Cards is a scam, these are just people who failed when they tried the business. Now, it’s not necessarily their fault that they fail. I’m very happy that you found this Send Out Cards review as we are going to help you in two ways. One, being that we save you a lot of time by doing the research for you. Two, we’re going to reveal to you by most people fail and what you can do to make sure you don’t.

Now, obviously by their name we can guess what a Send Out Cards opportunity entails. The company was started in Salt Lake City, Utah and 2004. In November of 2008 Send Out Cards Australia was born. Kody Bateman is the company’s founder. Send Out Cards has seen some pretty good growth, growing from an $800,000 year company in its beginnings to grossing over $70 million last year. Not to take away from the companies successes, but these numbers are not very big for the network marketing industry. Please don’t misunderstand, I do think this company is solid and will be around for some time. I just do not see a huge income potential with the company.

Next, let’s take a look at the Send Out Cards compensation plan. When you look at the Send Out Cards pay plan it will be a little different from what you’re used to it. It touts eight different ways to get paid as a Send Out Cards distributor ranging from direct retail profits to leadership volume bonuses. The company definitely focuses on the retail and coaching bonuses paid for new customers and distributors. One disappointing trb system thing is that until you grow a group he did not earn commissions on your downline. A group is defined as 12 distributors, with at least three of them being personally introduced and coached by you. This is unusual nowadays, as most companies want to get your profit and feeling successful as soon as possible. It makes sense, I guess, that when you are selling greeting cards that you would focus on retail. All in all, if your business is marketed and built properly a good income potential is possible.

Lastly, we will cover the most important aspect of the Send Out Cards business. How does the Send Out Cards training program look? Basically, you’re going to see that their training is the same as 99% of the companies in this industry. In all, the 3 foot rule, and names list, and cold calling leads. The very same things that 97% of people that fail and network marketing have tried for years and years. Now, these things do have their place in the industry but in order to truly find Send Out Cards success you must learn how to market yourself and your business

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