Feb 21, 2023
Aion – The Story Behind the Game

The game happens in a dreamland, a planet called Ateria. The name Aion comes from the name of the God who governed over this planet. He then made a bunch of workers to serve him, and named them the Balaur. The Balaur steadily acquired power and rose up against their maker, Aion.

To go against them, Aion made twelve Empyrean Masters, and alloted them to safeguard the people and different humans. The Empyrean Rulers made an obstruction that went about as a hindrance against the Balaur, and everything inside this boundary was safeguarded.

Gradually, people living inside the hindrance figured out how to accomplish a portion of the powers of the Empyrean Masters and became known as the Daevas. They framed a military, and chose to fight the Balaur. The conflict went on for quite a while, with no legitimate triumph for the two sides.

It was then settled to enjoy harmony chats with the Balaur in the Pinnacle of Time everlasting, and the Balaur was welcomed. Be that as it may, the discussions fizzled, and a savage battle ejected, and the Pinnacle, alongside the whole world, split into two, the Light and the Dull. Out of the twelve Empyrean Masters, just ten made due and split into two gatherings, the Shedim and Seraphim, managing the Dull and the Light aspects individually. The adherents of the Seraphim are known as the Elyos and devotees of Shedim, Asmodians.

The journey framework set up in Aion Online follows the story line quite well and makes the missions inside the game substantially more fascinating and simple to follow and finish.
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