Can a Curb-Your-Cravings Weight Loss Path Really Help You Lose Weight?

Hoodia Gordonii, one ingredient found in a curb-your-cravings weight loss patch, is cactus-like in form and has been consumed for a long time by bushmen in South Africa to ward off hunger as well as thirst during their long and tiring hunting trips. The bushmen break off a piece from the Hoodia Gordonii and then chew it. As an ingredient for dietary supplements, Hoodia Gordonii, apart from the patch, comes in the form of capsules, pills, liquids, diet bars, and shakes as well.

Used generally as an aid for weigh loss, some studies show that by reducing food cravings, using a curb-your-cravings weight loss patch can actually help reduce your calorie intake by up to 1000 calories every day. Ingredients in a curb-your-cravings weight loss patch work by releasing substances into your bloodstream and into your body to help encourage weight loss by suppressing your appetite. Normally placed on the back or shoulders, a curb-your-cravings weight loss patch continuously releases a constant amount of substance into your body throughout the duration of the day. By being released directly into the bloodstream through the skin, the ingredients bypass the stomach enzymes that could possibly reduce their potency.

Normally functioning for up to 24 hours, a new curb-your-cravings weight loss patch needs to be used in the event that the 24 hours has elapsed or if the patch got wet. Getting the patch wet while in use can possibly decrease the patch’s effectiveness. Care then must be taken to avoid getting a patch wet when it is still in use but should it get wet, a curb-your-cravings weight loss patch should be replaced.

Does it work?

While tests have been done on the curb-your-cravings weight loss patch, this is still a considerably new product. As with any weight loss supplement however, a weight loss patch works best when integrated into a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen.

Curb Your Cravings

To help you in losing weight, maybe it would beĀ wise to look for other means to curb your cravings apart from using a weight loss patch. According to USDA studies, adults who are overweight have the tendency of eating more calories during the night compared to adults who weigh normally, but they only eat slightly more of the calories at other times during the day. Another study done by the University of Texas shows that it is easier to overeat during the night, basically because the late-night snacking seem to be not as satisfying as snacking during the day. Other studies even say that a lot of people eat up to about 50% of their total calories for the day at night. This would tell you that your cravings during the night has a very big impact on your weight loss goals and overall health. To curb your cravings during the night, try the following:

1. Eat breakfast: Studies have proven that skipping breakfast leads people to have a harder time in losing all the extra pounds. By eating breakfast, you’ll be providing your body with the energy it needs to jump start your day and even drastically reduce feelings of cravings and hunger later on in the day.